Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of service between you (hereafter referred to as “client”) and Gentlemen’s Outfitter Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “supplier”) for all orders placed with Gentlemen’s Outfitter Co.,Ltd.


Terms and Conditions:

First and foremost we believe in doing business with integrity.  This means we are always willing to listen to you if something goes wrong and we hope to find a solution in every case that is fair to all parties.  Please feel free contact us using any of the methods on the contact page of our website.

Cancellation and returns policy:

All of the supplier’s products are made specifically for the client based on the details provided by the client.  Due to the custom made nature of the supplier’s products the supplier is not able to offer returns/refunds unless there has been an error in production in regards to the options that the client provided not being correct in the delivered item.  If this happens please contact the supplier and the supplier will get back to you with further steps (usually the supplier will require a picture showing the error).

Cancellations are only possible if the suppiler hasn’t already put the specific item into production, which will usually be the next working day after receiving the order.  This is because once the supplier has cut the fabrics and started creating the product the supplier has to pay for the fabric and staff cost for that item regardless of whether they eventually send it or not.  Please contact the supplier as early as possible after placing the order if you wish to cancel it and the supplier will do their best to halt production on your item.

Delivery time:

The supplier wants to get the product to the client as quickly as possible and will generally do so within 3-4 weeks after receiving full payment.  Occasionally the supplier will have some issue such as fabric availability which may affect this turnaround time but the supplier will always try to inform the client of this quickly so that the client can choose an alternative if necessary.  The supplier estimates up to 8 days for the item to arrive to the supplier after posting and this is almost always the case however cannot be held responsible for delays caused in the postage system.

When the supplier ships the goods they do so from Thailand at the correct declared value of the goods depending on what the client paid for them, unless the postage does not require this declaration.  The supplier doesn’t believe there is any benefit in the long run in trying to avoid customs charges by falsely declaring the value of goods like many other sellers will do.  Depending on the policy of the client’s own country, they should be able to receive goods declared under a certain value without paying any import tax (unless they are a registered company), however should any import tax be levied the client will be charged for this directly by the company that delivers the package at the appropriate rate.  We are aware that this is the case and have set our prices accordingly.


General (because we think it’s better to let you know everything up front!):

The sample books the supplier has provided the client shows what the fabric used to produce the product will look like. However due to the difference in dying in different fabric rolls the fabric used may vary slightly in shade or design from what the client has seen.  Don’t let this put you off though! In most cases it is not noticeable and we have never had a major issue with this.

The client’s item will be hand cut and stitched, which the supplier is very proud of in this age of industrial factories churning out thousands of the same items of clothing.  However this does mean that there can be slight variations in stitching and measurements (the supplier has a standard allowance of +/-2cm variance on all measurements except for collars and cuffs which can be up to 1cm larger but not smaller by any amount – measurements must be done in the same exact way as in our Measurement Tutorial for any dispute of this point) depending on several factors (how much stitching allowance is used, shrinkage when steaming/fusing etc) however the supplier has a strict QC process that tries to keep all items within this allowance.

As the client will be providing the measurements required the supplier is not responsible in the case that the measurements are correct (within allowance) but the end customer is unhappy with the fit.  The supplier is however happy to assist with advice on what the client might do in this case.

In the case of any dispute the supplier will work through the process of repair, replace and as a last resort refund – in that order.  Any dispute is to be dealt with under the Jurisdiction of the laws of Thailand.

All of the supplier’s prices are quoted in EUR to make it simple, rather than having different currencies all at different price points like many sites.  When paying, the payment processor will be able to charge the client in their local currency at the appropriate rate so they shouldn’t incur any additional charges.

These conditions are deemed to be accepted and in place for all orders placed  client and supplier unless expressly written otherwise in a document signed and accepted by both parties.