Shirt Options

Our range of options is so extensive that your customers will never run out of new combinations to try.


In fact, at our last calculation, the number of possible shirt combinations that we offer is:

5,216,297,668,528,092,570,329,321,694,996,160,770,017,643,724,800 !!

From the classic to the outrageous your customers can have it all.


We offer the classic long sleeve and short sleeve options as you would expect but in addition your customers can choose:

  • Short sleeves with pleats - a turnup/cuff
  • Long sleeves with a contrasting fabric 
  • Short sleeves with a contrasting fabric
  • Short sleeves with pleats with a contrasting fabric 

Bottom Cut

Your customer can choose from the "classic" formal style or the "straight cut" style.

Placket Options    

Not only can your customer choose from three classic placket options, they can also choose to have their placket fabric at a 45, 90 or 135 degree angle.

Contrast on Fastening    

Your customer can choose to have a contrasting fabric on the inside of the placket (buttonhole side) or a contrast fabric on the button side (or both!)


Cuffs are such an important part of the shirt we want to offer your customers a wide range.  With 15 different styles to choose from everyone will find something to suit their tastes.

Contrasting Cuffs    

To give their shirt that truly custom made look, customers can choose a contrasting fabric for the inside, outside or whole cuffs.


We offer 8 different collar styles.  From classic to contemporary, everybody can find a style that they like.

Contrasting Collar    

Add a special touch to the collar by selecting a contrasting fabric.  We don't just offer plain old white contrasting collars, your customer can choose any fabric they like for the inside and the outside of the collar.


Choose to have no pocket, a pocket on one side or both. We offer a variety of styles to match any shirt.

Contrasting Pockets    

Not only can your customer choose a different material on the pockets, they can also choose the angle of the fabric to really mix up their style.


White and black buttons are always classic staples but we also offer a whole range of different colours to choose from.

Stitching on Buttons    

Your customer doesn't have to just have matching stitching on their buttons.  Choose from a wide range of different thread colours on both buttons and buttonholes to really make the shirt stand out.

Shirt Stitching    

Just because the shirt is white, doesn't mean the stitching has to be!  Choose from our range of thread colours to make the stitching on the shirt really special.


The ultimate sign of a made to measure shirt.  Monograms can be embroidered in a range of colours, styles and positions to really show off that the shirt is one of a kind and made specially for the customer.

Back Style    

The back of the shirt is just as important as the front.  We offer a range of different styles so the back can be customized to the customer's liking.


Having the yoke in one piece is quite standard.  Why not really show off that your shirt is Made to Measure by having a split yoke?


For this military inspired look your customers can choose either matching fabric or a contrasting fabric.

Pleated front    

Perfect for a black tie or formal event, the pleated front is truly a classic look.  Not only do we offer the standard white and black fabrics, your customers can choose from 90 different colours.