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Where to get SIZED for a Skinny/slim Suit???

This is kinda a multi-question post…

1) i don't plan to buy a suit soon, but i'd like to get my measurements, so i know what to look for when im shoping. Where could i go to get measured without having to buy?
-is a place like nordstorm rack ok to get my measurments?

2) how does being measured regulary, compare to a skinny/slim-suits measurements? Do i take a few inches off my measurements or something???

3) for a decent skinny/slim suit, that will only be worn once every few months, how much would one cost me??? Anyway to get a good one for under 200???

4) if i were able to get my measurements, and then look specificly for that size on a place like ebay. Would you think it would be ok???? Of course i would have it be tailored

5) is a place like nordstorm rack, or mens wearhouse a good place to get something tailored??? To a slim-sknny fit?

6) how much does it generaly/averagely cost for a tailoring job?

Posted by Sofaking@
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Any gentleman's store has someone who can measure you- Nordstrom's is fine. They will give you your measurements.

A suit you will wear once every few months can easily be bought for under $200. Get a few shirts and ties to rotate.

Tailoring to a suit can be done for under $50, depending on how difficult you're asking- pants are not much, but taking in shoulders on a jacket is a bit more.

Help! My first bra fitting at Nordstrom?

I'm 13 and I'm going for my first bra fitting and I have some questions:
1) do they have to actually see you in the bra you try on?
2) do they ask you to put your shirt on and do they see if it looks ok?
3) is it uncomfortable?
4) do they only measure you or also do 1 and 2 ?
Sorry I'm really nervous. And one more question
5) I don't really want an underwire but I don't want a training bra or sports bra. What are my options ?
Thank you so much!

Posted by Abby Sing
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You keep your shirt on and they measure either under or over your breasts
…. And then they measure over your nipples (the biggest part of your breasts) and a girl usually measures you so don't worry

underwire isn't as bad as you think….. Trust me your gonna end up buying an underwire later on anyway

also there's usually fitting rooms where you try on bras and you decide if it fits but if you want to the measuring lady can see you in your bra if it fits……

So insecure. My boobs are too big?

I'm 16 and my bra size is 34FF. I HATE my boobs. I always wear loose shirts and it's so hard for me to find cute shirts that actually fit me. They're saggy and ugly and I just f*cking hate them.
I'm not fat, my stomach is pretty flat. My boobs just look disproportionate.
My boyfriend says they're perfect but he hasn't seen me naked yet. I know when he does he'll be like "ew" -_-
They also give me back and shoulder pain. I've talked to my doctor about this, she suggested trying different supportive bras. I got fitted at Nordstroms and bought a $60 bra. Didn't help. I still get back pains.
My family bugs me so much about it. After I got that really expensive bra, I was confident for just a little while. I wore a tank top the next day, thinking my boobs looked okay for once, and the first thing my cousin said when she saw me was "Your boobs are too big. They look gross"
of course that made me feel just AMAZING -_-
I'm just so sick of my boobs. It's gotten so bad to the point where I don't even wanna go out in public anymore. I know I shouldn't let it get to me but it already has.
I really want to get breast reduction surgery. I've talked to my mom about it and she didn't flat out refuse, but she didn't say yes either. Would insurance cover it since they're so big and are causing back/shoulder pains? Or no?
I don't really know why I posted this. I guess I'm just looking for advice.. :S
Big is like, a D or DD… Mine are huge and disgusting.

Posted by rwawr
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I'm a 36K I love my boobs I always have. I don't think that your all that lare. I think it's more likely that your not wearing the right size still. Nordstroms fit me into a US G when I needed a UK K, I think that you should measure yourself and see if that is your size. Http://confessionsofacurvygirl.wordpress…

I don't think your bf will be unhappy with your breast. I used to feel like my breast were saggy, but now I know that guys that like big boobs like that. Just because your bf hasn't seen you naked doesn't mean that he doesn't watch big boob girl porn. And even if he didn't like them it doesn't mean that there aren't other guys that won't like them. I have a gotten a lot of complements about my breast, so I know they aren't ugly. For some reason women really think that guys care alot about how they look be the truth is they don't care as much as you think in the way that you think. They don't want women that look to perfect because they aren't real. And most guys like some of the things that women find embrassing. In fact most guys don't like women that wear to much make up, most don't like fake breast, most don't like women with full on six pack. Most guys don't like women that have butts so small it hurts to sit down.

When it comes to you cousin i think that she was just jealous. I don't think that your breast are disproportional to your body, but if you wear over sized clothes it gonna make you look like your shape is worse than it is. More likely you have a great body and you just focus on your boobs. Please what a few of these shows and feel better about how you look and learn how to dress for your shape. Http://…

These two girls are about the same size as you do you think they look like freaks.

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