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How to get 10 days' clothing in a carry-on and other business travel packing tips – Financial Post

Financial PostHow to get 10 days' clothing in a carry-on and other business travel packing tipsFinancial PostMr. Vucko is the co-founder of Vancouver-based Indochino, which sells custom-fitted suits to men. His tailoring facilities are in Shanghai and his investors and clients are scattered across Canada and the U.S. At his travelling peak, Mr. Vucko …


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Looking a REALLY good men's custom tailor in New York! HELP!?

Posted by Crounton
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Yeah, my uncle he is great tailor. He has experience for over 10 years! Now he is working with someone. As far as i know he customs pants, shirts, costums, etc… My number is 646-236-7152 call me and talk to me.

Men's Shirt Alteration?

So I bought a Hawaiian shirt in an XL and I normally wear a L. The shirt is a limited edition, so XL was the only size I could find it in.

Anyway I do have a size large of the same brand that the XL shirt is. The Size Large appears to fit me well. Anyway I'm going to take the XL shirt to a tailor. What's better.

A) tell the tailor to just make the XL shirt match the size L shirt in the body and sleeves?
B) Have the tailor pin the XL shirt and alter it to fit me, which could turn out fitting me better…or I could end up making the shirt look bad, and at that point the shirt is screwed.

What would you recommend?


Posted by Dorkus
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First of all, Hawaiian printed shirts are a crime in the fashion industry, limited ed. Or not! Second of all, If you get the shirt altered to fit you, it will most likely look best on your body that way and will be really comfortable to you too because it is custom fitted. Good Luck.

Are there any places in Boston that make custom men's dress shirts?

Or, where is a good place to buy nice shirts? (other than J Crew, BR, or Brooks Brothers)

Posted by chiefy5354
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Daswani Tailors / their website is Http://…

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