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Extra small shirts at hot topic?

So im from the UK and im thinking of ordering a shirt from hot topic im not very familiar with hot topics size chart, the shirt that i want to order only comes in extra small what age would that translate as?

Posted by rupert mcgibbon
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Okay… According to most size charts, UK is one full size bigger than US. Going by this, a US XS (0-2 women, or 1-3 juniors) would be a UK 2-4 women or 3-5 juniors (do you have juniors sizes in the UK?).

However, the Hot Topic size chart has their XS as 0-1 US, and IT says a US 1 converts to a UK 6.

What I'd suggest, then, is measuring your bust and waist (hips isn't really as important, since it's a shirt) and checking the table at the top on the last link. If your measurements fall under a 0 or a 1, order the XS. Otherwise, it'll likely be too tight.

Hope I helped!

What size shirt should I get?

I'm getting a dress shirt online and I'm not sure about my size. That have sizes between 14.5 and 22 (UK), and the chest size on the shirts I already own is 86cm, so which size should I get?

Posted by Ryan
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Dress shirt which would indicate you will be wearing a tie /bow tie so this is all to do with your neck size. Take a fabric tape measure and measure the circumference of your neck inserting two fingers behind the tape measure against your neck. This will allow for the collar to be comfortable fit and not too tight. The measurement you read is the collar size you need.
The 14.5 to 22 inches are the collar measurements by the way.

Heavily Starched Shirt

Is there any way to get shirt collars to "stand up and salute" stiff at home?Regular or even heavy starch doesn't seem to work.

Posted by C.R.
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If you're just mad enough, you could become one of the last vanguards of the detachable collar.

Options include the Vintage Shirt Company (ready-to-wear):
and Magnoli Clothiers (made-to-measure):

Of course, there's always the metal collar stay:

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