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Is it easy to make shirts?

Because of my bust size and the fact that I am a tad overweight (about 20 pounds.) Most shirts from stores are too small, and alot of the plus size tops are too big. Would it be hard to find a shirt I like, look at a picture online, and then make one to fit me? Would people be able to tell it was "home made"?
Sweet, have YOU ever saw the cutest T-Shirt that is so you, but they don't have a size that will even close to fit you? If not then don't criticise other people. I didn't choose to be a 38 D, but I am.

Posted by Smartie_Pants
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It's not difficult to make your own shirts that fit, and if you take your time, use a commercial pattern, measure and fit yourself as you sew, you can have a shirt that fits better and is better made than most store bought shirts. I'm going to assume the problem is that store shirts don't fit in the bust, most store clothes are made for a "B" cup, places like Hollister cut for an A cup; and you are likely a "C" or a sigle D. Plus size stores make their things to fit larger than a DD, which leaves us poor C's and single D's with popping buttons or drooping fronts. This is one of the most common reasons I hear from beginners when I ask why they want to make their own clothes.

Don't try to make a shirt without a commercial sewing pattern. It will have all the instructions on measuring, fitting and constructing your shirt. When you buy a pattern, buy the size based on your actual body measurements, and compare to the size chart on the pattern; do not buy the size you take in stores, the two ranges do not relate to each other. You will take a larger size number, possibly much larger. Don't be hung up on the number, it's just that -a reference number and not a judgment call. Do buy fabric as recommended, and follow the instructions. You might need to make a "full bust adjustment" to make the bust fit a bit larger.

There are many good sewing books out there, the reader's digest sewing book is excellent. "Real Fit for Real People" addresses many common fitting issues and is an excellent resource. There are also many sewing related websites and message boards, many with experienced seamstresses who can help with any number of problems.

Now, is it easy to look at a picture then make it for yourself? For me, no problem, but I'm a highly experienced dressmaker/freelance fashion designer with years of training. And even then I see a few things and think, "How'd they do that? " and scratch my head in wonderment. For a beginner, it would be nothing but frustration and failure. Stick to patterns, there are plenty out there and many up to the minute styles, and they aren't that difficult to work with.

Here's a couple pattern company sites, Simplicity has on-line sewing lessons, fitting tips, and plenty of patterns to choose from:.
Http:// .

How do i know what size shirt to order?

Gonna buy some shirts online and i dont know how to figure out what size i will be in those t-shirts, any advice or way to find out what size i am?

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I think they have a size chart online for that particular store's products.. They tell u the chest size (usually in inches – measured from one of the armpits of the shirt to the other). U'll have to measure yourself too to know what size to choose..

Will these dress shirts fit me?

I was looking at some dress shirts online at Nordstrom and i noticed that the sizes are all in neck size and sleeve length, does this just mean that the shirts have to be tailored or do they use a shirt size based on the neck and sleeve length?

Posted by Austin
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Men's dress shirts are based on the diameter of your neck and the length of your arm. Neck sizes come in half inch increments, while sleeve length usually come in two inch increments. This can be a problem when your arm is halfway in between! Nordstrom's shirt sleeves come in one inch increments for a perfect fit.

If you are wearing a jacket, the best way to tell if a sleeve is the right length is the bottom of the cuff should extend no more than 1/2 inch and no less than 1/4 inch from the cuff of the jacket sleeve. My best advice is to go into a Nordstrom's and have yourself measured by a professional. The service is free and usually they have knowledgeable personnel there. Good luck!…

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