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The 'Face of Fashion Week' Resigns – Daily Beast

The 'Face of Fashion Week' ResignsDaily BeastThe “Face of Fashion Week” Resigns: After a five year stint as IMG's Fashion Consultant, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff—who transformed New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week during its move from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center—has resigned. Known for her …

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I want to know how can I have a food stall on labor day in nyc?

I would like to know how can i get started in having my own food stall on labor day in nyc. Not too sure if i need a vendor permit but please help, any website link would help thanks….

Posted by melissa l
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For last year


Registration for Vending during the Labor Day Festival is as follows:

OLD Vendors (2008) Wednesday July 23th to Friday August 14st.

NEW Vendors (open to Public) Monday August 17th to Friday August 28nd.

Only Money Orders made payable to WIADCA Inc. Would be accepted as payment for vending.

Hours for Vending Registration:

Monday –Friday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
at WIADCA office 323-325 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn
between Sullivan Place and Montgomery Street

To register as a vendor a valid proof of address and a picture ID are required. Vending spaces are measured 10 x10, so please restrict your tent to that size. Old vendors, please remember to guarantee your space, and register by the deadline August 14st. No spots will be put on hold for anyone. An additional mandatory fee of $75.00 must be paid after August 28nd for registering.

Any questions or concerns, we can be reached at the telephone number listed above during business hours.

Thank you for your cooperation

2009 Vending Price List

Individuals selling Food on the Parkway————————————-$425.00

Individuals selling Arts & Craft on the Parkway——————————-$275.00

For selling of non alcoholic beverages —————————————$275.00
For the selling of T-Shirts ————————————————–$275.00
For the selling of Novelties ————————————————-$275.00
For a Restaurant ———————————————————-$600.00
For a Small Business ——————————————————-$1000.00
For a large Business——————————————————–$2000.00

For Distribution of information by a Non Profit Organization

A copy of (501C)(3) needed for registration———————————-$275.00

For TV & Radio Stations—————————————————–$1000.00

**Prices reflect only 10 X 10 spaces, additional spot required if measurement is bigger.**

For Brooklyn Museum Vendors ONLY

For the selling of Food in the Brooklyn Museum Yard—————$700.00

For the selling of Arts & Craft in the Brooklyn Museum Yard——–$500.00

** Should have vended in 2008 to be considered an old vendor MUST take all four (4) days.**

Good luck may see you there lol.

Why is our society so evil and player-like? Also, how do you handle yourself around those people?

Thank GOD it's not like that exactly everywhere, I do like my own neighborhood but some places like lets say malls or jobs in the NYC area are BRUTAL. Those people, some of them, are the most FIERCE people, fierce players you can find. They are truly sociopathic, scary, social-climbing,..just evil, i can't describe them in any other way. Selfish, greedy, egotistic, only out for themselves, they'll reduce others down, they want the best clothes, best bags, best makeup, best everytihng, put on total acts, cumpolsively lie, put on facades, treat others like dirt, have their own hidden agendas, (and believe me, they have TONS of agendas), have HUUUUGE chips on their shoulders, and this goes from all ages ESPECIALLY kids, who seem to have no souls, teenagers who are worse, to twenties, thirties,..forties…MAYBE just maybe the older people start to get a little bit more…caring, OR they just get jaded, angry and depressed because they're stuck in all the muck too…

But this is what I notice alot in America. No one cares, they act like players, they don't like you, judge you ONLY by your outside appearance, and people (especially women)…attacking malls in droves,..buying the best cars, hummers everywhere, latest models..they have to layer on 50000 articles of clothing,..highly competitive…and if you don't measure up to them…


If you ask me,…this is it is but totally evil. Lol. It's like junior high school is here to stay!

My question is, how do you not cave in to that, become like them, conform, or end up feeling pressured to get those clothes, look better, I don't know, that sort of stuff, hold your own ground, and not let them psychologically destroy you , with how fierce they are?

It's literally THAT BAD! (in some places)

Major cities in the US especially.

It's like you get all the worst, vultures out there in the world, gather them all up and transport them to new york city, los angeles, atlanta, miami, etc. They don't give a sh9t about you, they only care about themselves, their houses, bla bla…and ONLY ASSOCIATE with people who are in their league, they're cliquish…

Just freaking evil!

The other day I even went to a bookstore to read and was just wearing white shorts and a nice short sleeve shirt,..nothing trashy at all just looked normal, and these two blonde glammed up women walked in sat there and were just laughing and making fun of everyone thinking they're better, and made fun of me saying I look like I just walked out of K mart. Because my shoes weren't shiny and had gold sparkles on them, and I didn't look like I just stepped out of a music video.

And my outfit was from Club Monaco, not K-mart. Lol.

Seriously, and then you get the driving style of these people and others. LIKE MANIACS!!!!!!!
Road rage, beeping…

How do these people do health wise and mental health wise?

I'm surprised they don't all suffer from 500 mental health problems and have heart attacks by the time they're 30-40.

These people to me, are garbage, and our society has become like this, unfortunately.

It's disguisting. It's like, you have to have the right shoes, the right bag, the right clothes, the right car, the right job, the right hair, the right age,..everything has to be paid attention to…the right connections, a good resume bla bla,,

and if anything is off, these player like people sniff it out and either make fun of you, give you dirty looks, dissaprove of you.

It's insane. Also how our society is becoming so plastic. It's like common to go out and see angelina jolie wannabe clones, meryl streep clones even, yes I see many older women who try to emulate that whole thing, just all sorts of shallowness, that's becoming mainstream, and they get sucked into their own hype and think they're the sh9t.

Also, I'm a pretty smart guy and I can sense out/discern who's a good person, who's a player, etc, and …my god there are so many. The kids I'll give some credit to because they're just young, they might not know any better, but for adults to be acting like this is just….purely how they are, and it's distuisiting.

Any thoughts and also how to handle people like that?

There's really NOt much you can do, I mean…the only way to really handle them is to out-play them, or upstage them, out-do them, in some way, like money/status wise. It's disguisting.

Posted by the who
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Wow. I so get what you're saying. Unfortunately I don't have an answer to your question. All I can say is that yes shitty people do exist in this world and that's all because they have not been given the proper values from their parents, probably because their parents were like that too… Filthy rich perhaps, wayy materialistic, and maybe with self-esteem issues which makes them find consolation in the shopping they can do. Money can buy you good stuff but it can't buy you a good mind or an intellect or character. Pfftt.

A toned down version happened to me in London last year. I was wearing these cute white pumps and I was coming out of a restaurant walking with my mum and uncle and suddenly this Black (sorry no bad feelings intended) British (I think) girl shouts for NO REASON AT ALL: ''F***ing sh**, look at the shoes she's cousin had them soo many years ago. Haha!'' I felt like giving her a piece of my mind but I resisted.. Also I was a tourist and I felt very annoyed.. But I'm okay since I know STUPID people exist. Hehh.

I am looking for a tailor in nyc who can make a dress from a picture I saw on the web. Where whould I start?

The dress is a Pleated-Shirt Dress
Round neck with collar. Short rolled sleeves.
Pleated front inset. Front button closure.
Measure 36.75" from shoulder to hem.
Cotton, Nylon, Spandex.

Posted by slim
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How about starting with the yellow pages…look for "tailor."

Although if you're in the UK (this question is flagged as originating on Y!A-UK) you might want to look in London……

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