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Stuart Hall cleared of 15 rapes – Belfast Telegraph

Belfast TelegraphStuart Hall cleared of 15 rapesBelfast TelegraphHall, 84, made no reaction as he was convicted of one indecent assault but cleared of 15 rapes and four other indecent assaults by a jury of eight women and four men following seven hours and 15 minutes of deliberations. At the start of the trial he …

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Anyone know a good uniform supplier in Melbourne?

I need to find workwear for some 50 employees at my company. They probably all need to be measured up first too. Any ideas who is good for the job?

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They supply my universities clinical shirts really good quality!

Question regarding female sizes,?

Where do girls/women (namely 16 year old girls) measure themselves for cargo (actually for canadian combat pants) pants (used for backpacking and for using the pockets to stuff things in that may have a little bit of a weight, pulling down on the waist of the pants and the belt)? Also how accurate are the military (nato) sizes? Like the b.d.u. Shirts for an example; the small/short (or short/small i can not remember witch comes first) is at the max for someone with a 37" chest, would someone with a size 36c be bursting out of it or would it just be tight on her, or is there no doubt that she will need a size larger? Also on the reverse side of that, at the minimum is 33", would a girl with a 31" chest look like she would be swimming in the top or would she really need a size smaller?
P.s. Sorry if this is in the wrong category but it is the 1 that popped up, and i am asking this because i am doing a thing for school and think if i went up to someone in class and asked this i would get some really odd looks (like i did not give myself any odd looks as it is).

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Hi. There are various contract suppliers (civilian apparel manufacturers) that provide "Battle Dress Uniforms" or "b d u''s", for NATO countries. Most of these also sell and advertise their clothing to the public as "military surplus, hunting supplies, police supplies",etc.
If you visit some of their websites, generally they also provide BDU sizing charts that should give you a good idea as to the fit. An example of a police supply warehouse that sells these (that also provides sizing charts) is listed below. Hope this helps!

Trans men – binding question?

OK, here's the situation.

I'm a cis woman. I'm quite active, training in martial arts several times a week, and I'm having trouble getting a sports bra that will fit (a hormonal imbalance has added to what nature would have given me anyway). A friend of mine suggested that I might consider getting a binder, such as trans men have pre-surgery, to help strap everything down and keep it in place.

Men, can you help me find such a binder? I've tried google and have found very little by way of suppliers, descriptions, pictures, to be perfectly honest I'm not even sure if this is going to be the solution that I'm looking for. Most grateful for any and all help, gents.


Posted by Caz
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The most reputable binders you can buy are from – I recommend the UnderWorks 983 for the purpose you're after.

I will warn you that with even the safest binders it is still possible to damage yourself. Measure yourself properly and get the correct size. Do not wear it for more than eight hours a day.

Binders can feel VERY constrictive – I'm not sure how suitable they'd be for heavy exercise. If you ever feel aches, pain, shortness of breath etc – please try something else and don't damage yourself.

Binders are made to compress breast tissue, which for trans men is not a problem – we're having them removed. Binders can do long term irreversible damage to your breasts – they can become softer and more "saggy" with long term use.

There must be a suitable sports bra out there somewhere – binders aren't ideal. There are "compression shirts" on ebay, but I've never tried those.

Search binder reviews on YouTube to see what it looks like, how it works etc.…

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