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Ralph Lauren admires androgynous women –

TV3.ieRalph Lauren admires androgynous… Saville Row, I'd loved the way women looked in men's clothes. ''When I started to make menswear, women were always asking, 'Can you make it for me?' Today I offer both men and women made-to-measure that's inspired by that custom-made experience.

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Help! My dress shirts do not fit well!?

I am currently looking for a new job and i need to buy some nice dress clothes that fit well. It seems that most of my dress shirts are terribly baggy in the whole torso section. I cant wear most of them, they are like wearing a parachute. They are apparently in my size, i was measured and the neck and wrists fit fine but everything else is baggy. I am 5'10 170 pounds athletic build so clothes should be easy to shop for. I am looking for a tight, clean look. Can anyone help me with some brands to look for that are generally slim fit? It seems all the shirts I have were made for a fat guy.

Posted by hikix
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Many Shirt Manufacturers make an 'athletic fit' shirt. Head to either a mall department store or a men's specialty store. I did a quick search and JCPenney has a descent selection, better than Dillard's Http://…

How to cut a men's shirt pattern(McCalls 2447)?

I do not understand the directions fully on the pattern or the actual paper. For the left and right front it says "cut line for left front." It shows a line running through the placment of the buttons. And since there are no addional directions, i assume the rest of the front pattern is to be cut the normal way to make the front right. But it shows 2 fold lines altogther. I do not understand why there is so much extra fabric. How many times does it expect me to fold the fabric onto itself.

There is a seperate front panel pattern that i assume will be sewn onto the front left for the button holes?

I've never sewn on my own, where a garment has come out totally correct. I have never sewn a men's shirt and this seems like a simple pattern, but looking at my boyfriends shirts, I do not understand the front peice of this pattern. I will hold off on the front and move on to the sleeve.

Here's what the pattern says. Http://…

Posted by MSC
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That's doing it the hard way; and you're right, it's unlikely to come out well with the extra band sewn on — at least that's my experience, and I've made many shirts over the years.

Have you cut out any of the front pieces of the shirt? If you haven't, please, please drop me an email and I'll show you an easy way to do the front bands. You need to be able to measure and fold and stitch two straight seams and you'll have a pair of clean finished front bands. They are cut onto the front of the shirt rather than being sewn on separately. And alas, there's not enough room to describe the method here, but you can see it in Connie Crawford's Guide to Fashion Sewing; here it is in google groups: Https://… but it's a lot easier to understand with pictures. Best of all, you can make a practice front in newspaper, "sew" it with a stapler or even on the machine, and you'll understand it.

Also, tomorrow or Monday I should be making a blouse with a sleeve placket similar to a men's shirt — I don't know how that McCalls pattern does it, but the method I use is easy, and I can take photos.

Men's Slim Fit Formal Shirts?


Does anyone know good sites in the UK to order good 'Men's Slim Fit Formal Shirts' ?

I have only found a couple of sites and there doesn't seem to be a large choice in Slim Fit !

I'd rather not get them made to measure because I'd rather not pay 70-80 quid.

Cheers, P.

Posted by Pezza27
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Check out the Next website – I am sure they do slim fit. Or, Ben Sherman – they are pretty trendy so will probably do the slim fit.…

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