Asking yourself “How does all this work”? Well, let us explain…


In simple terms; we are a supplier of Made to Measure shirts/Tailor made shirts/Tailored shirts/Bespoke shirts/Custom made shirts.  These shirts are made to the specification of your client, within our range of fabrics and options.  This means they can choose the fabric, details and size of the shirt – every single shirt is 100% unique and made to order.

Our clients are people or companies that wish to sell these products to their clients with their own branding/labels without worrying about how to take care of the production of the shirts – we do it all for them.


Have a look at the following links to get a better idea about what we do:

About Us – learn more about what we sell and who we are here.

FAQs – see this section for more details on the ordering process and products

Fabric Selection – on this page are many of the fabrics that you can offer your customer using our service

Styles – you can see the many different options that you can offer a customer here.


We serve two main types of client.


No matter what your background and target for your business, we are happy to have a chat.  Most of our clients fall roughly into one of the two following categories.  Click one of the links below to see a little more info on how the process generally works:


1) Individuals or companies that DO NOT currently sell Made To Measure Shirts but are interesting in doing so.

2) Individuals or companies that DO CURRENTLY SELL Made To Measure shirts but are looking for a different production solution.


Please click on the link that most applies to you for more information.