Why should I choose you as my supplier?

We aren’t a “fly by night” operation that just takes orders and dumps them on a local supplier hoping for the best.  We have joint ventures with fabric suppliers and factories who work closely with us to ensure we get the quality, turnaround time and service we demand.  This doesn’t happen overnight and not without a long track record and solid reputation in the industry.  We are a 100% European owned and managed registered Thai company with an export license and take our hard earned reputation for having integrity in all we do extremely seriously.

All products are QC checked and managed throughout the production cycle and we have processes that mean every single one of your orders is checked by hand.  We want to make sure that you get the product you were expecting.

Over the past 7 years we have overseen the production of over 120,000 Made to Measure shirts and have helped our clients grow profitable, sustainable and well regarded businesses that have served AmbassadorsCelebritiesSports Teams and just as importantly tens of thousands of ordinary working people who come to you with their money and demand, and deserve, a great product.

We don’t just take the orders and collect the money.  As a Made to Measure shirt supplier it’s in our absolute best interests for you to make as many sales as possible and keep your customers coming back for more.  We are here to support you with samples, measuring, branding, marketing advice and more; utilizing the wealth of experience we have with our successful customers to make your business just as successful as theirs.

Unlike so many “White Label” suppliers, we don’t ask for some crazy “start up fee” or sting you with charges you were never expecting.  Our prices are clear and straightforward – what you see is what you get and we make sure that you are left with plenty of room to make a good profit on each item; we want you to be successful and keep ordering from us.  When you order something from us you pay us, if you don’t you don’t – it’s that simple.

To find out more about how we can help you send us a message with some details of what you require and we will get right back to you.

What are Made to Measure/Custom made shirts?

A Made to Measure/Custom Made shirt is a shirt that has is specifically made to the specifications of your customer.  This means that all measurements, fabrics and options can be customised to suit their tastes.

This is a huge advantage over normal, off the peg, shirts.  The shirt will not only fit better but will reflect the style of the customer.  For most people this is a new experience and they will be surprised at being able to purchase this level of quality and customisation at a similar price to higher end High Street shirts.

The best part is that once a customer has experienced a Made to Measure shirt and the way people react when they see them wearing it they will never go back to off the peg.  They will become a customer for life and will tell all their friends too!

I see you sell a “Business in a box”, what is that?

In our experience new clients come to us very enthusiastic at the prospect of selling Made to Measure shirts but have no idea where to start.  As one of our clients told us “I like the idea of wearing nice clothes every day and helping people choose something that makes them really excited but I don’t know where to start with it”.

We understand this problem well and wanted to create packages that would allow people to open the box, have a look through the contents and be immediately ready to start selling their products.  This is the idea behind the “Business in a box” packages that we have created.

These are ideally suited to people who want to start this business either from a dedicated shop, in their spare time or selling to their friends to make some additional income all the way to people who have an established retail/direct to customer business and want to add an additional product range with great margins at low cost and low risk.

The beauty of this type of product is that it is 100% custom made for your customer.  Not only does that mean that your customer will be excited to have something hand crafted uniquely for them, it also means you have the huge benefit of having to hold ZERO STOCK.  This is a huge advantage and much lower risk than other retail businesses.  When you sell, you purchase the product.  When you don’t sell you don’t have stock sitting around, using up space and eating away your cashflow.

In the “Business in a box” packages we provide everything you will ever need to sell Made to Measure/Custom made shirts.  Of course not everyone’s needs are the same so we have built different packages to suit everybody’s needs.  For example someone may just want to sell shirts for Kids, someone else may want to sell everything – and they will all find a package to suit them.  Of course if you are unsure about which package it right for you, feel free to contact us.  We aren’t in the business of selling you the highest package, we want to make sure you get the package that is right for your goals.

These packages are sold to you as cheaply as we can.  We want you to be able to start up your business with the minimum possible investment.  We have had clients buy one of our packages and open a shop and start selling immediately.  Try to think of another exciting, genuine (as opposed to a multi level marketing, pyramid shaped one!), retail business that you can start from scratch from €325?!  Answers on a postcard…

What are Made to measure shirts for men?

Made to Measure shirts are shirts that have been specifically made to conform to the measurements and options chosen for the particular customer who has ordered them.  We do not hold patterns that are just stitched together when the customer orders. 

All orders are dealt with on an individual basis – the fabric selected has the unique pattern drawn directly onto the fabric by hand depending on the size of that customer, it is then cut by hand, stitched, fused, pressed and quality controlled.

Why don’t you supply shirts for women?

A lot of suppliers say that they will supply shirts for women “no problem!”.  Unfortunately that simply isn’t the case.  The Made to Measure shirt industry as a whole is centered around men’s clothing.  Of course Made to Measure clothing for women exists in abundance but the production, processes, fabrics etc are ENTIRELY different.   If a supplier is selling Made to Measure shirts for men and women, be very wary.  They are most likely just adapting the men’s shirts very slightly to make them into “blouses”.  This is like adapting the way you would treat your wife to be just slightly different to the way you treat your drinking buddies = a recipe for disaster!

We believe very strongly to sticking to what we are good at and striving to be the best at that, rather than trying to be all things to all people.  There is no shortage of a market in men’s shirts.  Just consider for a minute how many men you know that own a shirt and how many of those would need to buy another shirt at some point in the near future…

I don’t know how to take measurements, how do I know what size to order?

Traditionally this has been the hardest part of the industry to get right.  We aren’t going to pretend that taking someone’s body measurements is easy to learn – it isn’t! Believe us, we have experienced firsthand how much work goes into learning it properly and it is a hard earned skill.

That’s why we have removed it from the equation!

Our “Business in a box” packages come with fitting shirts and simple instructions on how to choose the correct measurements for your customers using the fitting shirts as a guide.  We are confident that you can learn this skill within an hour or two of starting to practice.

We aren’t going to pretend that our shirts are going to fit your customer like a completely bespoke Saville Row shirt.  We will let you into a little secret here – anyone who tells you that they can outside of Saville Row itself, without several (up to 8) fittings, a WEALTH of experience and the prices to match is LYING to you.

What we can tell you is that using our system, our shirts will fit your customer far better than any off the peg/store bought shirt they have ever worn and that once they have tried it, they won’t ever go back to off the peg shirts again.

How do I place an order?

Once you have purchased one of our “Business in a box” packages you will be sent a log in to our online order system.  It is very easy to use, you just click the options you want and it takes a couple of minutes per order.

How do I qualify for free shipping?

All of our products come with Free Shipping.  We hate it when we find something we want to buy and then at the last second are stung with a huge shipping bill before paying.  Yes, sometimes we still go ahead with the order but it leaves a sour taste in our mouths.  We want to offer you a service we would be delighted to use as a client and that’s why all of our prices are inclusive of shipping.

We offer two methods – one will take 2-3 weeks and we can ship a maximum of 2 shirts at a time, meaning if you order more you will receive them in different packages.  The other takes 3-5 days and we can ship as many shirts at a time as you need but due to the cost we can only use this service if you order enough shirts for us to ship at least 12 in every box.

Of course if you would like to use the express service but want to ship less than 12 shirts that is fine, we can quote you for the additional postage cost on a case by case basis.

How can I pay for my orders?

After you have placed your order we will send you the total to pay which can be paid by either Paypal (which you can also use to pay with credit/debit card) or wire transfer.

I already have a supplier but am thinking about switching, how does that work?

We understand only too well the frustration some suppliers can cause when you have a thriving customer base but your supplier just isn’t delivering the service you require.  This is the exact reason why we are doing what we do.

We would like to make your transition as easy as possible, preferably with zero interruption to your supply chain.  You are free to simply buy a package and get started but we are also happy to speak to you about your personal circumstances and find a way to work through it with you to get to the solution you need.  Please contact us if you need any advice.