About Us

We are a white label supplier of high quality Made to Measure shirts for men.

We focus on quality, service and integrity.


What ?

We offer our clients full service production of made to measure (MTM) shirts for men (also known as Tailor made, Tailored, Bespoke or Custom made) and with your own label and packaging – your client will never know that you produce the shirts with us!

Simply take the order from your customer (either in person or online), send the order to us through our easy online order form and we will take care of the rest.  We will prepare the fabric, produce the order, quality control and package and finally ship it – either to you or directly to your customer.  We take all of the effort out of production so that you can concentrate on marketing and sales.  


The Made to Measure and Custom Made shirt industry is booming.  Offering customers a product which they could previously only dream of at a price similar to buying a comparable off-the-peg product on the High Street is a fulfilling way to make a great income.  But it’s not always a bed of roses; anybody who has dealt with overseas production can tell you that there are very often mis-communications and cultural differences that can lead to frustration, delays, added expenses and lost customers.  We are here to bridge that gap for you.

We provide a high quality Western service in English language and have a deep understanding of your requirements and those of your customers.


Don’t have any experience in taking measurements?  Concerned about trying to explain options to your customers? Don’t worry!  We have been in this specific industry since its very early days and we have been through extensive testing with every technique you can imagine. We have put all of that experience into a system that works right out of the box, no experience necessary!

Our business start up packages contain everything you need to get started without worrying about explaining options or how to provide a good fit to your customer: Our simple fitting system means you won’t need to spend hundreds of expensive and frustrating hours of trial and error with a tape measure trying to work out how to get a good fit – we take all the guesswork out of the equation.  Our simple to understand, fully illustrated style guide gives you a visual way to explain all of the possible options to your customer.

This isn’t to say a passion for the product and an understanding of what looks good won’t help!  It will certainly be a bonus when your customer sees how excited you are at providing a completely custom made product for them at a great price.


Our team in Thailand have been carefully selected and trained to provide us with the very highest quality available to satisfy Western clients on an export basis.  Our production is entirely separate and a cut above the local “tourist” trade and exists entirely to cater to our clients.  Because we are based in Thailand we can manage our production on a day to day basis and ensure the quality level is maintained.

Attention to detail has been given to every element – from the thread used to stitch the shirts, our in house QC team ensuring the quality and correctness of the product all the way to the packaging and labels giving your product that final touch to really delight your customers.